University of Leeds Driving Simulator (UoLDS)

Programme for Simulation Innovation (PSI)


Funding Organisations: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and Jaguar Land Rover


Research staff from the Institute’s Safety & Technology group have joined forces with car-maker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and three other leading UK universities to deliver the project.

The unique £10m five year collaboration between Jaguar Land Rover and the country’s leading academics will develop the capability of the virtual simulation industry in the UK and will give car manufacturers access to new, world-class simulation tools and processes. This is the first phase of a 20 year strategic project that could put the UK at the leading edge of virtual simulation globally. The research will improve the quality and capabilities of simulation, using sights, sounds and even smells to make virtual simulation more realistic.

Giving engineers a more realistic perception of what a design might achieve, as well as giving them access to more powerful computers, will mean even more engineering can be virtual. This will help car manufacturers deliver more complex new vehicle programmes more quickly. It will also help save costs in product development by reducing the reliance on physical prototypes and have environmental benefits by limiting the number of prototypes that need to be driven and tested in the real world.