University of Leeds Driving Simulator (UoLDS)

Participants wanted

Welcome. Thank you for your interest in becoming a future research participant. By providing your contact information you will be entered in our recruitment pool for possible participation in research studies. Research participants are normally reimbursed at a rate of £10 per hour.

If you suffer from any of the following medical conditions, unfortunately we will not be able to use you as a participant:

  • fear of heights
  • epilepsy
  • serious mobility problems affecting the back, knees or hips
  • claustrophobia
  • feelings of disorientation
  • severe motion sickness

If at any time you would like to remove your name from this participant database, please send a message to Hamish Jamson. Your details will kept in accordance to Data Protection Act 1998. For further information, please see our Code of Practice on Data Protection.

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